Sneaky Veggies

I used to say that I wouldn’t resort to sneaking veggies in meat, but that was the arrogance of a mom whose child was eating anything she puts in his/ her mouth. So mr Calvin has grown from that child to the typical one who will pick out any lump of visible greens or beans. His current favorite is tomato but will tolerate cauliflower and broccoli too. Once, he saw me gnawing on a raw carrot and decided that’s what he wanted too. Too bad he hasn’t repeated that performance since.

So here I am, trying to think of ways to try out new veggies with him. For one, his veggie choices are so limited that I was worried that he would be bored and I guess it’s my job to stimulate his taste buds with new things. And that’s why I came home with a bag of chickpeas, an eggplant, a pound of Brussels sprouts and some frozen yellow squash, all of which I have never cooked before.

We tried out the crispy baked chickpeas for lunch together with sautéed broccoli and Cajun chicken breast chunks. Mr Calvin took a bite of the chickpeas. He said he liked it but proceeded to dump the whole pile of 10 peas back to a very puzzled me. He took a few bites of everything and declared he was done. He started asking for corn flakes which I refused and finally settled for pancakes with applesauce…. I guess that’s a fail?

Then at dinner, we had baked eggplant coated with panko. They turned out too salty, probably because I left the salt on for too long but was actually really delicious. This coming from the two big kids who has never ever eaten eggplant ever since we could remember. The little kid ate about half of 4 round pieces and said they tasted like bread. I’m wondering if that’s considered a little success. He just didn’t seem very hungry yesterday.

I wonder if it’s a mother thing because I keep worrying about whether he’s getting enough nutrients especially calcium. He only drinks one 200 ml cup of milk every night and like last night, he sometimes doesn’t even touch it. He has fixed ideas about when he should drink milk so it’s tough to gt him to drink more. I try as hard as I can to sneak spinach in just about anything I can – gyoza, sloppy joes, pizza. And he’s not a big cheese fan either. Sometimes I wonder too about how he doesn’t seem to like rice or noodles when I’m such a huge fan. I guess his preferences will change order time. I’ll just keep trying. When all else fails, I can always whip out the tomatoes.



One Response to “Sneaky Veggies”

  1. e* Says:

    i subscribe to the school of thought that as long as a kid tries out everything that’s on his plate, even if he doesn’t finish it, it’s fine.
    that’s mostly because my parents were super relaxed with my dining habits when i was growing up. but that’s been reaffirmed by the ‘why french children don’t throw food’ book… although it’s also partly because i was raised in a very similar-style by my parents, as the Boy was by his.

    but it’s good to keep exposing new veggies or the same old veggies (even the rejected ones) cooked in different ways to him, and maybe he’ll develop a taste for them eventually.

    i know that veggie-wise, for most of my childhood, i would barely eat any veggies (only the minimum that i had to try and/or finish), except for cucumber (haha, almost no nutritional value), spinach, kangkung, bitter gourd, cabbage and coleslaw… these i would happily take more of. but i guess it was good that i liked two dark green leafy vegetables which are quite nutrient-rich. 🙂

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