Making Friends and Gym

Calvin has been making some headway in making some friends in school. Apart from the playdate with Aditya, he also played with Jude at the Penn park playground twice, albeit for short periods. The first time, Calvin waited and waited for Jude who was on his tricycle so he could ask him to race with him. It was almost time for them to go home but they managed to have a ‘race’ in which Calvin ran off halfway through. He followed Jude up the playground, walking around obstacles that the other boy climbed over. And then they were at the slide and Calvin didn’t want to go down so I went down with him instead. (secretly, I’m also afraid of the sensation of sliding down, but I bravely endured it for Calvin’s sake >.<)

The second time, we played tag together even though the two little ones doesn’t have a very good sense of the rules for tag yet. Jude had to go shortly after because he has T ball practice with one of the other parents as coach. We watched and I think it did Calvin good to see the other kids practicing how to play.

Last Friday, I saw Calvin walk out holding cooper’s hand. Apparently, Cooper really likes playing with Calvin and they had a good time playing pretend house at the playground before. I was told that Cooper kept asking about when they could have a playdate together. Last time, Cooper was trying to hug/ jiggle Calvin and he fell down so I’m glad they are hitting it off now.

On the other front, Calvin really enjoyed his Little Gym experience. Johnny said that he was okay participating in the class all by himself and following the teacher and other children in the activities. So we are going to sign him up for classes from now till end of summer. Hopefully it will help him gain more confidence in his physical abilities. Apparently, I have to eat my own words when I thought I would never send him to classes as ‘absurd’ as these kids gym stuff :p


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