Almost summer

It’s almost summer here and we’ve now enjoyed a grand total of two strawberries from our little plants! It’s such a strange feeling to be eating up sun warm berries that has just been picked less than 1 meter away. We are planning to go to s strawberry farm soon and hopefully have lots of fun berry picking.

School is almost over for Calvin and he has indeed grown so much over the year. Yesterday, we were at the new family picnic and Calvin gamely climbed up the tire ‘stairs’ which he never wanted to climb. Initially I helped to hold him but he tried a couple more times and can get up with minimal help at the end. He even went down a couple of the smaller slides multiple times though the taller ones still intimidate him. Last year, he won’t even climb up a playground without one of us holding his hands to go up. He is still learning how to socialize with other kids. I have to remind myself that the ability to observe and join into an activity is not an easy thing to do. In fact, many of the older kids are still incapable of that because it means having to predict other people’s feelings and thoughts. Most kids have their world’s revolve around themselves – like the big C who’s been literally stalking Calvin, trying to befriend him and wanting him to play some character in a TV show. I’m surprised at how many of the boys know about star wars at 5 years old. That’s definitely not something I would show a little kid.

Last week, Calvin went to the swimming pool at AFC for the first time. It seems that he’s not tall enough to stand in the water there so he’s been clinging on for dear life to his papa. He seems to have forgotten about the Bedok swimming pool where he had so much fun last time. I guess that was a more shallow pool where he can just walk around inside. Hopefully with more time he will gain more confidence.

Meanwhile, he’s been having lots of fun at his little gym classes. His forward rolls are getting better. He would even let me do a wheelbarrow on him. One of his favorites in class is to roll down a ramp and also just run around. Usually he gets distracted so easily that he would run to the other group after he’s done his own round and will have to be called back by the teacher. At least he tries everything that the teachers tell him to do.


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