Little Gym & Swimming

Today he went for his 4th session at Little Gym. He managed a donkey kick successfully and even managed to climb up the wall a little. Looks like his little arms are getting stronger. As I’ve said before, he is surprisingly receptive to the new things they do there – hands holding a bar and climbing up a wall, donkey kick, rolling down a ramp and bouncing on an air mat. One of the worries we have constantly is that he does not even try out new things. Like when things look too hard for him to do, he would just run away and refuse to even start but somehow Little Gym was different for him. Maybe it’s because there are other children around and the teachers would guide him on what to do instead of us. When he is with us, he is undeniably more dependent — probably because we are such hardcore hover-craft parents who cater to his every need.

Maybe the new experiences are starting to give him confidence in his body. Yesterday, he had loads of fun with his papa at the swimming pool. He even lowered his head into the water by himself and blew bubbles out in the water. I thought it would take him a little while to get used to the water and I was pleasantly surprised to find him experimenting in the water without any prompting.


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