Bye Bye Baby Toys

Today, I sold another bunch of his old toys that he rarely plays with. Gone are his Thomas the train and Tidmouth Sheds, together with the lovely Tolo musical shape sorter, wooden wagon and blocks that Calvin likes to dump, wooden peg puzzles, little boy and dog figurines that was meant for pretend play, hammering toy that was hammered with the hands and the hammer used to hammer everything else, little safari set with lots of animals that was never a real hit except for the jeep that came with it…  With that, we said farewell to most of his toddler toys that he has outgrown. Most of those actually came all the way from Singapore with us in our luggage.

At first, I marveled at the extra space I suddenly have in the living room when I boxed up all the toys I’ve marked to be sold. The room just looked much neater and manageable. (I’m sure the fact that we scavenged a new shelf from the neighborhood from leaving graduates help too) Then when all the toys finally went out of the door today and I had the money in my hand, I kinda rejoiced that I managed to recoup some of the money we spent. And then when I was telling Johnny about which toys are out of our lives, I was hit with panic — what will I tell Calvin when he asks about those toys? After some rehearsing, we decided on telling him the truth in that he has outgrown those toys and so they went to a little baby girl so she can play with them. I guess being a natural hoarder type who keeps little bits of string around ‘just in case’, it’s difficult to try and be minimalistic. In fact, if we didn’t move, I would never have purged anything from my own wardrobes. We would still have those tatty t-shirts that we love from more than 10 years ago. I guess moving often is a good thing for me since it forces me to throw out the things that are just kept because I haven’t the heart to throw them away. At least it gives me some impetus to actually throw things out or give them away.


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