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June 30, 2013

I was always an impatient person. (Maybe I should stop labeling myself that way. Maybe i’m using it as an excuse to not try to change myself.) I hated waiting in queues. I’m always rushing to finish my homework. I snap at people when i’m working on something I is important on something and as much as talk to me. Well, reading this article, I think the characteristics pretty much fit me…

The thing is, I feel bad after I am impatient with others, especially so with those closest to me who has to deal with my flashes of temper when things aren’t going as I planned. Like this afternoon, when Calvin spilled milk on the floor. I wasn’t mad at him for spilling it. It was when he started flapping the towel to wipe up the milk, making more of a mess than cleaning up that I stated fuming inside and I was more brusque with him than I would have liked. I was trying to assure him that it was not a big deal, that accidents happened but it really annoyed me when I felt like he wasn’t doing a proper job cleaning up. On hindsight, I guess to a three year old, even cleaning up is a fun activity to experiment with. He ended up not even drinking the rest of the milk and I was so frustrated with myself and him that I started lecturing him about not asking for milk if he wasn’t going to drink it. I felt terrible when I saw him reluctantly try to drink some of it and later was asking me if I could play with him. Though I had to put him off a little to clean up the carpet and get his snack, I did play with him before I started cooking dinner.

I still wished I could do better than I did. Like if I could calmly tell him the right way to do things and put aside things I think has to be done now to tend to him. Sometimes, I feel resentful that I have to be selfless that I am more a wife and mother than I am just myself. I think I need to tell myself to slow down and that it’s okay if I don’t do the things I want to get done. That it’s not the end of the world if I can’t get dinner ready. That it’s okay if I’m not a perfect. That sometimes I just need time for myself.

Summer and the oodles of new things

June 24, 2013

We are now truly in summer. Yesterday, we noticed that many of the fireflies are out though this time, I didn’t try to catch them as I did last year. The captive fireflies seem to lose their will to live – they do not light up and they died overnight. Yesterday we bought some sparklers for Calvin to play with. I watched with trepidation as he ran with a burnt out stick, imagining the worst that could happen but managed to brace myself to only give a warning to walk, not run. I remember fondly the times during Chinese New Year when we played with fireworks – the boxes of pop pops, sparklers, lighting the ones that spin furiously in the floor and even those little rocket ones that fly up and explode into beautiful colors. It’s almost 4th of July so you can actually buy fireworks though I didn’t check to see what types they had. I wonder if Calvin would be frightened by the loud noises from fireworks if we brought him to view some again. He was so excited by the sparklers yesterday, he ran all about and didn’t want to go to bed. I, on the other hand, was kinda tired and too cranky to entertain him.

We also bought him a museum membership to he Virginia Discovery Museum. It says museum but it’s actually a place for kids to play. They have a cool wind tube the size of one wall where you can put in big Pom poms and scarfs and see them whizz around the tubes. There’s also a customizable marble run, tumble room, craft room, automoblox, train set, pretend bakery and post office etc. so far, the vehicles were the obvious big hits. He also calls the wind tube thing his transformers – I think he pretends that the Pom poms are robot cars racing around?

And we also got him a set of unit blocks off Craigslist for a steal. Those wooden blocks usually cost a small fortune. This is to fulfill my promise to him to get him a big boy set of blocks since I sold off his baby ones that came with the wagon. It kinda irks me though that now whenever we can’t find something around like those elusive magnets, he will ask me, ” mama, did you give them to the little girl? Is it a baby toy?” Grr, guess I’m not going to get rid of his toys without asking him next time. Hopefully he will not be a hoarder like I tended to be.048 (2) 020

Little gym update

June 13, 2013

He’s a whole new Calvin compared to one month before. I’m not sure if it’s mostly attributed to his Little Gym experience but he certainly enjoys it and would actually tell me what he did and repeats what he does in bed.

His forward rolls are great now. He can do it from a standing position. Recently, he found out how strong his arms are when we asked him to hang on to papa and lift up his legs like how mama did at the playground. Thereafter, he is comfortable enough to hang with his arms and swing like a little monkey in little gym and also at the Tonsler park playground. He started sliding down really tall slides quickly, ride on the see saw with papa holding on to him and even pedaled a little bit on his tricycle. Most of all, he seems to have gotten of his fearfulness and is much more confident now.

So with that, we signed him up for another bunch of sessions in summer. I’m not sure if we will continue after that since it’s pretty expensive and we are not really interested in him doing like real gymnastics. We’ll take it one step at a time I guess.

Calvin 1305 (17) Calvin 1305 (19)

Potty training Completed (?)

June 13, 2013

So it’s been one week since we started potty training. By now, he seems to be able to completely master going to the potty for both big and small business. It was a relatively painless process and we are both very proud of him! Definitely a big boy now. When he was wearing his underwear, he said he is a papa now and then he’s going to marry me. Awe, how sweet.

We still keep him at home without any underwear or pants especially since it’s hot recently. The few times we go outside, he’s eager to explore the bathroom outside and was okay to sit on the big potty with his daddy holding on to him. In fact, yesterday even though he was wearing a diaper at little gym, he used the bathroom instead of using his diaper. His diaper usually end up dry overnight too so looks we can get rid of all the diapers soon.

Calvin, the little Champ

June 9, 2013

Calvin woke up in the middle of the night yesterday. I thought he just wanted a hug. He told me, “Mama, I have a fever. I need to eat medicine”. True enough, he was running a hot fever. I ran out to grab some fever medicine from my box of random drugstore stuff and we started wiping him with handkerchiefs.

This morning, he woke up all energetic and ready to go though he felt a little feverish. I was wondering if I should stop his potty training then Johnny said we should so we took off his night diaper. He went to the potty and dutifully pee-ed into it. To think that one week ago, I had to cajole him to even get him to the bathroom. He seems to be very proud of his own achievements too. He’ll tell me “Mama, I’m very good. I told you first before I pee pee”. Then we went down for breakfast and while I was making his omelet, he declared that he has a poopy feeling and so off he went together with his papa. Later though, he seemed to be having soft stools. While he stood and played, some residual fecal matter fell out. I was worried that he has diarrhea but decided to wait and see. Out came my handy dandy carpet cleaner. It all went relatively well. We even went out to a yard sale and scored some new toys for a couple of bucks and then drop by at the park for a while.

After we came home, he didn’t seem to have much appetite during lunch but he was excited to play with his new toys. He successfully went to the potty another time before nap. We still put him in a diaper for nap time just in case. He tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep for the longest time. Finally, he called me. When I opened the door, he told me he had a poopy feeling, so I quickly got him to the potty and he was mercifully clean. He held it all in until he could sit on his potty seat and then proceeded to let loose some really watery stools and flatulent gasses. I was very proud that he managed to use the potty even when he’s sick. His tummy was not so bloated anymore though he is still running a fever. He didn’t want anymore medicine though probably because it doesn’t taste too good. Well, as long as he doesn’t feel too poorly and he’s not burning up, no reason to give him a fever reducer anyway since it’s just the body’s mechanism to help kill off the germs. Hopefully he’ll get better soon. I’m very happy that his potty training is going along well even though he’s sick.

Calvin 1305 (2)

PT Day 5

June 8, 2013

Today went surprisingly smooth, with only 1 miss when I was reading him a story. He managed to pee pee 5 times into the potty! In fact, I suspect he may be able to pee at will now. Right before bed time, I made him sit on the potty even though he did not indicate that he needed to use it. I thought it was a good habit but he actually cleared his bladder quickly after sitting on the potty. I have to say it is going smoother than I had hoped. After the fiasco where he refused to even sit on the potty and then reading about other people’s potty training woes, this is certainly miles better that I imagined. Well, I won’t speak too soon. I have yet to find out if he’s okay with passing motion into the potty…

Potty training day 3 & 4

June 7, 2013

At last count, the score was
Day 1: 2 hits, 3 miss
Day 2: 4 hits, 2 miss
Day 3: 4 hits, 2 miss
Day 4: 3 hits, 2 miss

It seems he is getting the hang of the feeling of needing to pee. We don’t do practice runs to the potty anymore. We just remind him every so often to tell us if he needs to use the potty and I’ve become confident enough to let him play downstairs some of the time. Today, after 2 days of no poop, I was guarding him like a hawk so I could catch him in the act. Sure enough, while he was playing downstairs at the table, he was standing cross legged and he gave a grunt. I quickly asked if he needed to use the potty. Affirmative. I whisked him upstairs as fast as I could, which wasn’t very fast since this is the second time I was running up in the last 5 minutes. I plonked him onto the toilet seat and viola! he managed to do his big business in the potty. I hope he will remember the feeling and I will forever be able to abstain from touching any fecal matter again.

Everyday, he will have a couple of misses though usually in the evening when he’s watching his video or at night while he is being read to. I guess when he’s distracted or too engrossed in playing, it’s still difficult to remember to use the potty. All in all, it has been better than I thought. There was some advice on the internet to keep him barebottom for the next three months when we are at home. I guess when  we are out, he can finally wear his Lightning McQueen underwear.

Potty training day 2

June 4, 2013

The morning started off better than I had hoped. Calvin was lolling around in bed with his dad =_= so I thought the early morning pee was a goner. To get them out of bed, I took off his diaper to restart the potty training day 2. He looked like he was going to do it right there and then so I wanted to carry him to the bathroom but he didn’t look willing so I didn’t. He proceeded to bounce around in bed and didn’t want to go potty so we tried to all go away. He peed a little on the bed and surprisingly managed to stop himself and walked to the potty, sat down and finished the rest of his peeing. Woo-hoo! I am very proud of him.

Then we played upstairs again and we again reminded him about going potty every 15 mins and practice sitting on it every 30 min to 1 hour. Nothing. And then it was lunch time. I was sure he must have some pee pee in there just waiting to be released as soon as he got comfortable downstairs, so I made him sit on the potty. He stood up after a min or two and nothing. “I’m done”, he declared. I asked him to sit down a little longer. He started to sit and stand every 2 seconds, saying “I’m done”. When he finally sat down seriously, and within the next minute, golden rain descended. I’m pleased that he has enough control that he can stop himself midstream and adjust his position to make sure it all goes into the potty. So all went well there, we had lunch and then nap time.

When he woke up, we managed to get that in the potty too. We decided to go to the library with only his pants on, no underwear, no diaper. It went surprisingly well though I was kinda worried that he might poop on their carpet or something. That would not be funny at all.

And then we came home and he watched a new video, and while he was distracted, he peed on his papa’s lap. That repeated itself later while he was reading a book, right after we reminded him to use the potty. So it looks like his replies when it concerns potty time, his answers can’t always be trusted.

But when he was in bed, he suddenly told his papa that he had a pee pee feeling and lo, and behold, he really did it! All in all, it was a good second day. He didn’t have a Big Motion (BM) today so I’m still not sure how that one would go. I’m definitely not looking forward too cleaning another poopy mess though >.<

Potty training day 1

June 4, 2013

So after he had a poop accident at the pool, we decided this is as good a time to start our potty training as any other. I’ve already armed myself with a carpet cleaner that we bought from Craigslist. I’ve also bought him a pack of ‘big boy’ underwear with his favorite Cars characters. I even have new stickers to make things more interesting.

So we started with the way that people suggested was the quickest which is to go bare bottom. We started off the morning with him on the potty for an easy success! Then we brought his toys upstairs so we won’t have to deal with cleaning the carpet. The next two and half hours I plied him with water to try and get him to use the potty. We used the potty every half hour and he was dry the whole time. And then I had to go down to prepare lunch and Mr Curious wanted to see what i was doing. And then while we weren’t watching, he gave a quick piddle at the table while playing with his toys. We didn’t noticed it until he left and went upstairs. We had to call him down and asked him to help clean up with a rag. Out came the carpet cleaner.

And then we had lunch. Calvin finished and was as usual playing with his toys at the table. And then I saw him make a funny face. I tried to whisk him to the potty but it was too late…… There were two perfectly made piles of poop on the floor. Yikes! So out came the peroxide, more rags, and the carpet cleaner. I’m obviously getting lots of use of out the machine.

Off we went upstairs for a nap. He had a diaper on and as soon as he woke up, he gave a quick pee into the diaper before I could get him to the potty. So more of the plying with drinks and watermelon snack in the afternoon. So far so good for the first 1.5 hours. Again, potty time every half hour. And then while he was looking at me using the computer, oops, another piddle puddle on the floor. After that I had to go down to cook dinner, so his dad took over. While watching his video, he told Johnny he had to pee pee twice but it was a false alarm. I was done cooking so I went up. He told me he needed to pee, so off I whisked him to the potty while he clamped his legs together to try and hold it in. We sat there for a while chatting and yay, we got our second success for the day. We did our share of silly dances and songs to cheer him on.

We put him in a diaper again for the night. As usual, it seems that he pees in relief every time I put a diaper on him, but hopefully he’ll get the hang of it.


June 1, 2013

Yesterday, much to my chagrin, Calvin suddenly asked for one of the toys that I sold off – a little blue see saw that’s part of the set of toys that he rarely plays with. When I told him that I gave his toys away because they are too baby for him, he looked upset and started to cry. He asked me, ” mama, when the girl is done playing with it, can we get it back?” It made me feel terrible to have to tell him that we won’t have it back but I did promise to make him a balance scale of some sort. He insisted that it must be “blue with the little round bits at the end” just like his seesaw. On the other hand, apart from the few tears, he seemed to have calmed down rather easily so I was quite pleased with him. I does kinda make we want to run out and buy even more toys for him which would have kinda defeated the purpose of decluttering in the first place. Though I am contemplating buying a balancing beam that come with weights.

So I thought we had weathered through that, when suddenly, out of the blue, he asked about the Thomas the train set that I had already put away for 2 months without him noticing and had sold off just recently… Is he on to my antics? >.< Next time, I guess I should involve him in the process but I suspect he would not want to part with anything at all.

Edit: He was looking for his wagon blocks the next day and I had to tell him about how I had to give away his baby toys to make way for big boy toys. And I promised I would ask him about it the next time I wanted to take them away. I did also said I would buy him a bigger set of blocks, which I would, once I make up my mind on which ones he would like better. I wonder if there is a storer where I can show him the unit blocks I’m interested in vs the other blocks that look like his current ones.

Then, he accepted my explanation and started playing with his foam blocks instead. Apparently, that night, he was telling Johnny about the big boy toys he would like to have/ play with.