Yesterday, much to my chagrin, Calvin suddenly asked for one of the toys that I sold off – a little blue see saw that’s part of the set of toys that he rarely plays with. When I told him that I gave his toys away because they are too baby for him, he looked upset and started to cry. He asked me, ” mama, when the girl is done playing with it, can we get it back?” It made me feel terrible to have to tell him that we won’t have it back but I did promise to make him a balance scale of some sort. He insisted that it must be “blue with the little round bits at the end” just like his seesaw. On the other hand, apart from the few tears, he seemed to have calmed down rather easily so I was quite pleased with him. I does kinda make we want to run out and buy even more toys for him which would have kinda defeated the purpose of decluttering in the first place. Though I am contemplating buying a balancing beam that come with weights.

So I thought we had weathered through that, when suddenly, out of the blue, he asked about the Thomas the train set that I had already put away for 2 months without him noticing and had sold off just recently… Is he on to my antics? >.< Next time, I guess I should involve him in the process but I suspect he would not want to part with anything at all.

Edit: He was looking for his wagon blocks the next day and I had to tell him about how I had to give away his baby toys to make way for big boy toys. And I promised I would ask him about it the next time I wanted to take them away. I did also said I would buy him a bigger set of blocks, which I would, once I make up my mind on which ones he would like better. I wonder if there is a storer where I can show him the unit blocks I’m interested in vs the other blocks that look like his current ones.

Then, he accepted my explanation and started playing with his foam blocks instead. Apparently, that night, he was telling Johnny about the big boy toys he would like to have/ play with.


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