Potty training day 1

So after he had a poop accident at the pool, we decided this is as good a time to start our potty training as any other. I’ve already armed myself with a carpet cleaner that we bought from Craigslist. I’ve also bought him a pack of ‘big boy’ underwear with his favorite Cars characters. I even have new stickers to make things more interesting.

So we started with the way that people suggested was the quickest which is to go bare bottom. We started off the morning with him on the potty for an easy success! Then we brought his toys upstairs so we won’t have to deal with cleaning the carpet. The next two and half hours I plied him with water to try and get him to use the potty. We used the potty every half hour and he was dry the whole time. And then I had to go down to prepare lunch and Mr Curious wanted to see what i was doing. And then while we weren’t watching, he gave a quick piddle at the table while playing with his toys. We didn’t noticed it until he left and went upstairs. We had to call him down and asked him to help clean up with a rag. Out came the carpet cleaner.

And then we had lunch. Calvin finished and was as usual playing with his toys at the table. And then I saw him make a funny face. I tried to whisk him to the potty but it was too late…… There were two perfectly made piles of poop on the floor. Yikes! So out came the peroxide, more rags, and the carpet cleaner. I’m obviously getting lots of use of out the machine.

Off we went upstairs for a nap. He had a diaper on and as soon as he woke up, he gave a quick pee into the diaper before I could get him to the potty. So more of the plying with drinks and watermelon snack in the afternoon. So far so good for the first 1.5 hours. Again, potty time every half hour. And then while he was looking at me using the computer, oops, another piddle puddle on the floor. After that I had to go down to cook dinner, so his dad took over. While watching his video, he told Johnny he had to pee pee twice but it was a false alarm. I was done cooking so I went up. He told me he needed to pee, so off I whisked him to the potty while he clamped his legs together to try and hold it in. We sat there for a while chatting and yay, we got our second success for the day. We did our share of silly dances and songs to cheer him on.

We put him in a diaper again for the night. As usual, it seems that he pees in relief every time I put a diaper on him, but hopefully he’ll get the hang of it.



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