Potty training day 2

The morning started off better than I had hoped. Calvin was lolling around in bed with his dad =_= so I thought the early morning pee was a goner. To get them out of bed, I took off his diaper to restart the potty training day 2. He looked like he was going to do it right there and then so I wanted to carry him to the bathroom but he didn’t look willing so I didn’t. He proceeded to bounce around in bed and didn’t want to go potty so we tried to all go away. He peed a little on the bed and surprisingly managed to stop himself and walked to the potty, sat down and finished the rest of his peeing. Woo-hoo! I am very proud of him.

Then we played upstairs again and we again reminded him about going potty every 15 mins and practice sitting on it every 30 min to 1 hour. Nothing. And then it was lunch time. I was sure he must have some pee pee in there just waiting to be released as soon as he got comfortable downstairs, so I made him sit on the potty. He stood up after a min or two and nothing. “I’m done”, he declared. I asked him to sit down a little longer. He started to sit and stand every 2 seconds, saying “I’m done”. When he finally sat down seriously, and within the next minute, golden rain descended. I’m pleased that he has enough control that he can stop himself midstream and adjust his position to make sure it all goes into the potty. So all went well there, we had lunch and then nap time.

When he woke up, we managed to get that in the potty too. We decided to go to the library with only his pants on, no underwear, no diaper. It went surprisingly well though I was kinda worried that he might poop on their carpet or something. That would not be funny at all.

And then we came home and he watched a new video, and while he was distracted, he peed on his papa’s lap. That repeated itself later while he was reading a book, right after we reminded him to use the potty. So it looks like his replies when it concerns potty time, his answers can’t always be trusted.

But when he was in bed, he suddenly told his papa that he had a pee pee feeling and lo, and behold, he really did it! All in all, it was a good second day. He didn’t have a Big Motion (BM) today so I’m still not sure how that one would go. I’m definitely not looking forward too cleaning another poopy mess though >.<



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