Potty training day 3 & 4

At last count, the score was
Day 1: 2 hits, 3 miss
Day 2: 4 hits, 2 miss
Day 3: 4 hits, 2 miss
Day 4: 3 hits, 2 miss

It seems he is getting the hang of the feeling of needing to pee. We don’t do practice runs to the potty anymore. We just remind him every so often to tell us if he needs to use the potty and I’ve become confident enough to let him play downstairs some of the time. Today, after 2 days of no poop, I was guarding him like a hawk so I could catch him in the act. Sure enough, while he was playing downstairs at the table, he was standing cross legged and he gave a grunt. I quickly asked if he needed to use the potty. Affirmative. I whisked him upstairs as fast as I could, which wasn’t very fast since this is the second time I was running up in the last 5 minutes. I plonked him onto the toilet seat and viola! he managed to do his big business in the potty. I hope he will remember the feeling and I will forever be able to abstain from touching any fecal matter again.

Everyday, he will have a couple of misses though usually in the evening when he’s watching his video or at night while he is being read to. I guess when he’s distracted or too engrossed in playing, it’s still difficult to remember to use the potty. All in all, it has been better than I thought. There was some advice on the internet to keep him barebottom for the next three months when we are at home. I guess when  we are out, he can finally wear his Lightning McQueen underwear.



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