Little gym update

He’s a whole new Calvin compared to one month before. I’m not sure if it’s mostly attributed to his Little Gym experience but he certainly enjoys it and would actually tell me what he did and repeats what he does in bed.

His forward rolls are great now. He can do it from a standing position. Recently, he found out how strong his arms are when we asked him to hang on to papa and lift up his legs like how mama did at the playground. Thereafter, he is comfortable enough to hang with his arms and swing like a little monkey in little gym and also at the Tonsler park playground. He started sliding down really tall slides quickly, ride on the see saw with papa holding on to him and even pedaled a little bit on his tricycle. Most of all, he seems to have gotten of his fearfulness and is much more confident now.

So with that, we signed him up for another bunch of sessions in summer. I’m not sure if we will continue after that since it’s pretty expensive and we are not really interested in him doing like real gymnastics. We’ll take it one step at a time I guess.

Calvin 1305 (17) Calvin 1305 (19)

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