Potty training Completed (?)

So it’s been one week since we started potty training. By now, he seems to be able to completely master going to the potty for both big and small business. It was a relatively painless process and we are both very proud of him! Definitely a big boy now. When he was wearing his underwear, he said he is a papa now and then he’s going to marry me. Awe, how sweet.

We still keep him at home without any underwear or pants especially since it’s hot recently. The few times we go outside, he’s eager to explore the bathroom outside and was okay to sit on the big potty with his daddy holding on to him. In fact, yesterday even though he was wearing a diaper at little gym, he used the bathroom instead of using his diaper. His diaper usually end up dry overnight too so looks we can get rid of all the diapers soon.


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