Summer and the oodles of new things

We are now truly in summer. Yesterday, we noticed that many of the fireflies are out though this time, I didn’t try to catch them as I did last year. The captive fireflies seem to lose their will to live – they do not light up and they died overnight. Yesterday we bought some sparklers for Calvin to play with. I watched with trepidation as he ran with a burnt out stick, imagining the worst that could happen but managed to brace myself to only give a warning to walk, not run. I remember fondly the times during Chinese New Year when we played with fireworks – the boxes of pop pops, sparklers, lighting the ones that spin furiously in the floor and even those little rocket ones that fly up and explode into beautiful colors. It’s almost 4th of July so you can actually buy fireworks though I didn’t check to see what types they had. I wonder if Calvin would be frightened by the loud noises from fireworks if we brought him to view some again. He was so excited by the sparklers yesterday, he ran all about and didn’t want to go to bed. I, on the other hand, was kinda tired and too cranky to entertain him.

We also bought him a museum membership to he Virginia Discovery Museum. It says museum but it’s actually a place for kids to play. They have a cool wind tube the size of one wall where you can put in big Pom poms and scarfs and see them whizz around the tubes. There’s also a customizable marble run, tumble room, craft room, automoblox, train set, pretend bakery and post office etc. so far, the vehicles were the obvious big hits. He also calls the wind tube thing his transformers – I think he pretends that the Pom poms are robot cars racing around?

And we also got him a set of unit blocks off Craigslist for a steal. Those wooden blocks usually cost a small fortune. This is to fulfill my promise to him to get him a big boy set of blocks since I sold off his baby ones that came with the wagon. It kinda irks me though that now whenever we can’t find something around like those elusive magnets, he will ask me, ” mama, did you give them to the little girl? Is it a baby toy?” Grr, guess I’m not going to get rid of his toys without asking him next time. Hopefully he will not be a hoarder like I tended to be.048 (2) 020


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