During Easter, I was rejoicing about the fact that Calvin didn’t really like sweets. Well, he eventually learnt about it when he got some candy from his last day of school piñata goody bag. Everyone got to hit the piñata and then claim a bag with a kaleidoscope, a small parachute, some stickers and a couple of candy inside. I did ration him to only a piece at a time and only during snack time but it looks like the flood gates of candy eating has begun! The good thing is, we don’t really have sweets lying around inside the house. (Partly because I have a terrible sweet tooth and when I’m bored while cooking, I’ll sneak a sweet little piece of something into my mouth =_= that’s how a whole bag of leftover marshmallows disappeared into my tummy in one day)

On the other hand, he’s still a great gobbler of sweet fruits and raisins. At least I’ve managed to cajole him into eating oatmeal again with raisins and sweetened with frozen overripe bananas and applesauce. I guess all things considering it’s all under control for now.


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