Ulcers..the bane of our lives

Today at dinner, it finally dawned on me that Calvin could be having an ulcer. That would explain lots of things like why he hasn’t been eating much lately, even his favorites like tater tots and fish sticks, totally didn’t dig my latest lemon pepper chicken, been in a grumpy sort of mood and during dinner, he started to only scoop out the seeds of the tomatoes instead of chomping down all the succulent red stuff. I guess he didn’t even recognize it as pain when he eats certain acidic types of food. I asked him about his peculiar behavior, and he told me that his mouth feels funny. On the outside, which looked perfectly fine to me. When I finally got a torchlight and looked inside, there it was a big ulcer snuggling against his tooth and all the mysteries were solved. I guess he still doesn’t really understand the different types of pain so he just knows it as a different, funny feeling.

Speaking of funny, he’s been asking us to tell him new jokes and improvising his own. Like today he was coughing and said he was in coffee kind of mood. Then there are the ones that aren’t so hot like Why did 7 run away from 8? Because 8 ate 9. (The original one was 6 running away because 7 ate 9) but I guess this is just him exploring humor.

Knowing how painful his ulcer must be, I did feel much more emphatic towards his grouchiness but I still can’t help but feel irritated by his stubbornness. Like when he insisted that his yogurt had to be on the striped beige bowl and refused to have it any other way. Though he finally relented in the end by “having an idea” of using one of the plastic containers, I still can’t quite get over how irked at him for being so particular. I obviously need more practice at being zen.


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