Summer Fun

031 034As summer wears on, we started to think about new things to do outside to encourage Calvin to play outside. For a while, the moody Calvin didn’t want to have a walk or go the park or anything that had to do with going outside. So mama did some research and got a few ideas I was sure would appeal to him.

The first one was a scavenger hunt walk. Armed with a printout, we set off to look for the flowers and sticks that we were looking for. It was pretty fun even for the grown ups. I guess a walk with some purpose is still a little more fun.

Then we made some cloud dough/ moon sand and put it in a large underbed container as a sandbox. The recipe is so easy – just 8 cups flour and 1 cup vegetable oil and voila, some messy outdoor fun.

We also bought some water balloons to play angry bird water bombs. And then I got a big jar of tempera paint in the basic colors and we pretended to be the three mice in the book “mouse Paint” and started to mix colors all over our porch. It’s a good thing the colors are very washable and it’s a good thing we are doing it outdoors!

There’s always the good old bubble fun and sidewalk chalk too but at least now there’s more variety to what we can do. I’ve always felt like I’ve deprived him of the joy of painting because he painted so much in school but I never really got him paints to play with indoors. The mess will be too much to bear for me…. Especially since it’s still hard for the little 3.5 years old to learn about being neat and tidy. Sometimes I have to remind myself that he’s still not even 4 years old and I’m instantly a lot more forgiving and tolerant of his moods and defiance. Well, maybe tolerant isn’t quite the word but it’s more like I don’t get angry with him so I can try to calmly explain to him why the things he does are not correct and what he should do instead.


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