We signed up for the Lowes Build and Grow clinic which provides you with a free kit to build a wooden toy and apron and safety goggles to take home too. We were a little late reaching the store today, no thanks to the clock downstairs that’s running slow. But thankfully, there were plenty of kits there and we immediately got started.

There were about 5-6 work tables already filled with parents and children hammering away. The kit came with several wooden pieces, a packet of nails, a couple of cardboard decorative pieces and stickers to use as decoration. Calvin is a little young for the project so it was mainly us grownups putting the pieces together, then me holding his hand to do some of the hammering. Took us about 30 mins and we now have a cute new wooden car that looks like a racing car from Toy Story 3. I guess it will probably take a long time before Calvin can work on it himself but it’s a good experience nonetheless. I wonder if he will be more inspired to practice with the hammer and drill at school. I’m pleased though with how precisely he was able to place the stickers. I think I distinctly remember myself playing with sticker books where you are supposed to put the right animals in very specific spaces and I could never really got them nicely aligned. Looks like his motor skills are getting better (though I would love to have him work more on his fine motor strength)

We couldn’t get him to keep his goggles on though because he complained that they are tight. In fact, they were so loose that they were sliding down his face. Looks like the swim goggle I got for him won’t see much use either…

002 (2) 003 (2) 007


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