Bubble Snake & Car Wash

Yesterday, after a frustrating afternoon of trying to enforce quiet time, Calvin didn’t get a nap after all. He was calling for me every 5 mins or so for the most frivolous reasons. I really wanted to nap because I had a lingering cold that kept me in sneezing fits every so often. I had intended to punish him by letting him go downstairs and play by himself while I sleep in a little corner near his playground. Later, he needed to use the potty and as I was doing a little yoga while waiting for him to finish his big business, I feel surprisingly perked up. I also remembered the advice of the happiness book I’m reading now about how you should act energetic even when you are tired to feel happier. So instead of lying around trying to rest (virtually impossible anyway since I probably won’t fall asleep with him around), I decided to try out a new project – the bubble snake!

First, I took an empty soda bottle, cut off the bottom and put a sock over the cut part, so that instead of the bottom, it now has a stretched out sock drum. Then dip that sock drum part into bubble solution and BLOW into the mouth of the bottle. The result is a lovely bubble snake or actually it looked more like a wooly caterpillar to me. Calvin had a bunch of fun blowing those clumps of bubbles, chasing after it, stomping on it, clapping his hands on it, etc… So it turned out to be a good 45 mins of fun until the mosquitoes chased us back inside the house!


July 2013: Chasing after the bubble “ball” – It floats surprisingly well

This morning I brought it out again to play with before washing our car. Armed with a sponge each, we washed our car with soapy water. Calvin had fun pretending to be a naughty elephant, making puddles, playing with our hose that finally works, sponging the super dirty back of the car and just generally having fun with the soapy water. So finally our car got it’s first real bath in a year… Maybe it will be next year before we gave it another bath >.<029 (2)

July 2013: Playing with bubbles



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