To parents, are all kids gifted?

066Calvin has a pretty good memory. He can remember events from more than a year ago and remember a lot of stories and words from books that we may have only read once. He also speaks very well in complex sentences and a varied vocabulary. The other day, he said that he “fended off papa’s kisses” whence shot pretend missiles at papa. He’s also very fond of word play even if his jokes needs some polishing. He also understands concepts and the way things work quite well when we explain some scientific idea that I thought would be too complicated for a 3 year old.

Sometimes, that leads me to think that he’s gifted. And then I think, I’m sure everyone thinks their kids are little geniuses and I wonder too about the point of labeling him as gifted. Will I do things differently? At the end of day, I’m still trying to expose him to a variety of activities and experiences. Most importantly, I would like to teach him how to enjoy learning and to deal with adversity and learning how to solve problems. I’m more worried that he would not develop the right attitude and mindset that allows him to move on after setbacks. He does seem very averse to making mistakes. He would only want to do things when he knows that he will get it right. Or maybe that’s a function of perfectionism. I wonder if he would get bored of preschool soon since he’ll be in the little guys class for three years. I guess we’ll see when the time comes.


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