The Odd Things that Kids Pick Up

When Calvin is angry, he says things like “I’m not going to be in your crew any more” — from Lightning Mcqueen’s line to Mater? Or he will say I’m going to leave this house. And he willalso make the angry 哼 sound when he doesn’t like what I’m saying. Today during dinner, Calvin was playing with his toys while I was feeding him rice balls (rice and salmon and cucumber wrapped in seaweed, lovingly and individually made) in his excitement, he waved his toy around as I tried to out the spoon in his mouth and the food spilled. I told him off and said he shouldn’t wave his toys around when we are eating and that I won’t feed him while he does that. Then he said “I don’t want that. Mama, you leave this house” and made his angry grunt. I was really annoyed to hear him say that and I told him that I don’t like what he said and that it’s something that if he said again, will get him sent to bed with no toys, no books and no mama or papa. He at least had the sense to say in an apologetic voice, “I won’t do it again” and so I was placated and all is well again. But I have to say I wonder where he learnt this whole leaving the house thingie. The other time, he said he was going to leave this house and look for a dark empty house where we can all live in…

Well, at least I still got some really nice kisses and hugs from him before bed time. I also like how he would look at me and say “mum, why are you not making the happy kind of face?”


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