Hay Fever

This year, I somehow started having hay fever symptoms just like Johnny did last year (and this year too). The worst part about it all is not the uncontrollable sneezing but uncontrollable sneezing in the middle of the night, getting my nose all blocked up and become unable to sleep. The funny thing is I think I used to have the same symptoms when I was young though that is more related to sleeping in an air conditioned room? Well, I thought I just had a sensitive nose and it actually went away as i grew up. And now as i grow even older, i get it back again….. doh, but at least i’m familiar with my triggers – dust, strong scents, probably air con, some types of plants. Gah, I wish I didn’t wake up and sneeze at such ungodly hours, which I also did when I was young but I fell asleep better then. Sigh…

Edit: On a whim, I bought some un-petroleum jelly to make up the amount to get free shipping. Then I read that some people put vaseline in their nostrils. This purportedly helps to get all the allergens/ dust/ pollen stuck to the jelly and not into the nose canal where it causes irritation. Well, it certainly worked for me. Yesterday night when I woke up and was about to sneeze, i quickly smeared some of it and I could actually go back to sleep. Hurrah!


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