Calvin is very into Lego nowadays. We got a free kit for making a police car from toys r us a few months ago and he has been modifying it like crazy this past week, making formula one cars, delivery vans, various types of spoilers and wings etc. I’m so tempted to buy a Lego set for him now instead of waiting for his birthday so we could play together, but the lego sets are expensive and usually come with a lot of small 1×1 and 1×2 parts instead of the other more playable pieces. I would probably keep the tiniest ones in a bag and not let him play with those because from experience, they are likely to get lost and he doesn’t have the dexterity to deal with it yet. His nails (and mine) have peeled a couple of times from trying to remove those small bricks from each other. Most of the time, we help him take off pieces that he needs to remove. I even contemplated getting the Lego separator tool made by Lego but today, I finally found the ultimate in Lego removal in our house – the steak knife >.< inevitably, the bricks gets a little scratched in the process but that's too bad.

As I looked through the different basic sets that Lego sells now, I remembered playing with Lego myself as a kid. Well, I only remember helping my sister build lego houses, complete with walls, windows, flowers, beds, sinks etc. I guess it was more like a doll house. I remember that I loved opening the windows and doors and peer into them (even though the house we built doesn't have a roof and I can see everything much better from the top. I wasn't much into building with the bricks unlike my brother. I think I have trouble visualizing a design in 3D and then making it. Even now, I build things willy-nilly based on my whim rather than with any purpose in mind.

Edit: Today, Calvin surprised us by actually following the instructions and building the police car model all by himself. His papa was building one at the same too so there were some visual cues. I’m still rather proud of him though.


2 Responses to “Lego”

  1. e* Says:

    i’m so glad calvin likes Lego.. haii.. i should have gotten you a box when i was in the US! it’s not so expensive on amazon. or you can sign up to and collect points or something…

    • miucat Says:

      Haha, I never knew he would be a Lego fan either since the two Lego has sat unwanted for a couple of months before he suddenly developed great interest in them for a whole week.
      Well, I ended up getting him a huge tub of Lego from ebay. As much as I say I don’t want to spoil him, I’m a big ol’ softie…

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