Morbid Humor

Calvin: Mum, what will happen when I stop breathing?

Me: Then you will die.

Calvin: Then where will my skeleton go? In the graveyard?

Me: Yeah

Calvin: Does the doctor put my skeleton there?

Me: No. It’s someone called the undertaker.

Calvin: Why is it called ‘under’? Will mama and papa come and visit me? What will you say/do?

Me: Yeah, we will visit. We will be so sad because we miss you.

Calvin: So if Calvin is dead, papa and mama will miss me. If papa is dead, mama and Calvin will miss him. If mama is dead, Calvin and papa will miss you. It’s all different people. (Chuckles at his own revelation)


Calvin: Then who will eat the yummies?

Me: Papa will eat it all I guess.

Calvin: (Takes lots of deep breathes) See, I’m breathing well.

Looks like Calvin is definitely of the live to eat camp 😛



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