Poor Big Papa

Yes, poor big papa hurt his back yesterday and has been experiencing excruciating pain the whole day. In the morning, the pain was so great when he got out of bed, he nearly blacked out. Good thing he didn’t actually faint or he might actually hurt more than just his back.

Calvin was quite fussy though because we both didn’t have much time for him, but he’s such a great boy. He said he would be very nice to papa and even pat his papa, saying ‘there, there’ like how we comfort him. I guess he doesn’t understand the source of the injury and how serious it is so he though papa would just get better very quickly and ‘we can go to the park/ we can go swimming later’. Sometimes I feel bad for getting impatient with him because he didn’t understand that Johnny is too hurt to even walk well, much less drive and go to the park/ pool.

Calvin and I went out to the cstreet parents meeting together in the evening. Since he was being wonderful, I tossed in two gummy bears to surprise him. He was indeed surprised and asked where it came from. Then he decided it a a gummy toy and started squeezing it. I helped him hold it while he eat the rest of his snack and his hot little hands had made the gummy all sticky. I commented to him as such. He asked ‘why is it sticky’ so I told him it’s because it’s a type of food and it Mel’s a little. I encouraged him to eat it and he popped the whole thing in his mouth and promptly declared ‘I do like gummy bears!’

Well. Hope Johnny’s back recovers well. It’s quite sad when he can’t get anything done. It’s such a helpless feeling and I’m really not very good at helping him. Mainly because I’m worried about hurting him even more, but we are both learning to manage I guess.


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