Playing with Legos

So we got a big tub of lego bricks delivered yesterday. Calvin has been building non stop with it. When he concentrates, his mouth pouts cutely the same way his daddy does. He also have the same anal trait of wanting things to color match and be of the same color. Johnny built him a red tank with a black turret yesterday and he quickly ripped that off and gave it a red turret instead.

Calvin 1308 (59)One of the things he likes to say when he got frustrated at not being able to press some pieces together “Mom/ papa, it doesn’t want to go in!”

So far, he does best a taking apart our creations and customizing it to make his own robots/ vehicles/ boats. He’s definitely the type who likes building more than the finished product because he quickly takes things apart to make other modifications. Well I’m just glad there’s no temptation for me to buy him those lousy special kits that makes only one thing and comes with huge instructions on how to put it together. I think keeping those sets separate in a way that can be rebuilt would be such a big pain.

027 (2)


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