Calvin’s Little Friends

Somehow the older I get, the less social I seem to become. Maybe I just grow weary of the awkward small talk and how draining it is to conform to others, exchanging pleasantries as I navigate through others personal territories. It’s just too much effort and as usual I’m plagued by a sense of alienation – mostly self imposed because of my awareness that I am different from others and do not try hard enough to be similar. To put it simply, I just don’t know what to say.

While I go out of my way to avoid social situations, I was thrown into a scenario where I might be forced to interact with other parents for the sake of Calvin. We’ve been worried about whether Calvin would fit in with the other children at school. I thought he might end up playing by himself again and would not have a chance to develop his nascent social skills. I worry too that he will be unwilling to persist when rejected by others, which is something that other children does in general and not out of spite. I was wondering if I should be more proactive in seeking out companions for him and have more play dates etc, but I ended up feeling a little stressed out at the prospect of having to interact with many parents to find him a proper play mate – someone who is nice and has the same interests as him and likes to play imaginative games.

Much to my relief, he came back yesterday with tales of how he was trying to sink a pirate ship by pushing a wall. Then Tye said no. And Ezra was the pirate because she talked with a pirate voice. And then Seth was digging foot trap that only catches bad people and so Calvin could zoom across it without getting caught. And how Seth ran even faster and Calvin ran again, even faster than Seth. And he said he made friends with Liam’s dad by telling him about the poisonous holes that Ayaan dug.

That was the first time he came home and told us such detailed stories of what he did with the other children. I used to worry a lot that he rarely talks about what he does in school. I hope he will continue to have a great time there.


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