So my son is a perfectionist. And I don’t mean it in a what-a-wonderful-thing-for-him kinda way. Not that I think it’s necessarily bad, more like it makes me worry about him when he doesn’t want to try new things that he isn’t sure the can do well. Just like drawing pictures that resemble things, riding on a tricycle, making a educated guess on puzzles etc.

When I read up on this, it seems that most first borns are perfectionists. And it’s because of the parents…. Wait, what? We don’t come come across as the perfectionist type, do we? In fact, I thought we are practically laid back…except of course when it comes to our son apparently. Well, one of the things we are going to try to do is cut back on the random praises we heap on him (like good job drinking your water?) Guilty as charged… Apparently when you praise him too much, they lose the motivation to work on things they are not immediately good at and it pressures them to keep doing things to please you just so they can get even more praise. Is there such a thing as praise addiction?


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