Strange Dreams

I’ve been having the strangest worrying dreams the past two days. Yesterday, it was about how my kids (supposedly 2) and their cousin got lost while the maid was taking care of them and I was taking a nap. Supposedly, they saw something they wants to see and went outside and somehow got lost. I spent most of that dream slang around forlornly walking around looking for them.

Then last night I had yet another bizarre dream where I think I was still working in SIA because at the end of the story I think I quit the company while doing something important and I was explaining why to my ex- Network Planning colleagues at a cafe in a hospital. Like somehow I contracted a rare blood disease when I was young and it was said I could only live until 28 and I’m now well past that age. But recently I had a fainting spell so I knew the disease is still there. The rest of the dreams are kinda fuzzy right now but still talk about bizarre!


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