Shenandoah National Park

We went to the national park yesterday for a hike. It’s about an hour from our place. Since we all enjoy hiking, it would be a shame not to go check it out. So first we drove to the Big Meadow where the visitor center is. The big Meadow as the name suggests is a flat meadow covered in grass and small plants. It was afternoon so we didn’t see any animals there either except for a bird or two. The grass looked invitingly soft and clean so we indulged ourselves and lay there. It certainly was one of the better grass patches I have lain on especially since the grass was so thick that my body did not touch any soil at all. We looked at the different plants and generally trudged around following the maze like trails. It was pretty windy and cold so we worked up a good appetite.

Calvin 1309 (21)

Lunch was at the restaurant near the visitor center. Calvin placed his own order ” I want hot dogs!” And gobbled up almost all the hot dog, the bun, some tomatoes, French fries and a little sip of the potato ham soup which was delicious especially after being out in the cold.

Yummy....I ordered the hot dogs myself!

Yummy….I ordered the hot dogs myself!


After lunch, we were walking past the picnic tables when Calvin decided he wanted a picnic too. Good thing I brought some mini apple crumbles that I made yesterday. He gobbled up most of that too and all satisfied we drove to a different part of the park to try out the black rock trail, just because it was close by and supposed to be easy (0.4 mile round trip).

We climbed up a rocky path up and was rewarded with a lovely view overhanging rocks. Calvin wanted to play on the rocks near the ledge but we disabused him of the notion.

Calvin and papa sitting on a rock

Calvin and papa sitting on a rock

We continued a little way down another longer trail, picking up some acorns and a stick ( Calvin’s choice) as souvenirs. I felt literally like a squirrel picking up all those acorns. Calvin was very amused when a worm dangling from a tree got stuck on papa’s glasses, and fell on Calvin’s sweater before we finally returned it to the tree.

It was late so we headed back after spending about 3 hours at the park. Since it was his quiet time, we told Calvinn he could rest in the car. “I’m not tired. I don’t need to rest. I will chit-chat with papa while mama sleeps”, declared Calvin confidently. Of course as expected, within minutes of me dozing off, so did little Calvin. :p


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