How to ease a worrywart mind

Sometimes I worry that I worry too much. Sometimes I wonder if I don’t worry enough. I think that might be a sign that I’m just a freaking worrywart. I guess the days are passing so quickly and they seem to merge into each other so it’s hard to see the progress that has been made or if any has been made at all.

There’s always lots of things I worry about Calvin. Like how he still doesn’t pedal and he doesn’t jump with two legs. Then I rationalize that it may be he doesn’t like the sensation of losing control and potentially falling? Because he never liked swings and he can get rather fearful of slides especially those that are long and straight. He does better on the curvy ones and those that are wavy like our home slide. On the hand, he enjoys running around and playing tag etc, he’s having fun at Little Gym, he loves going on hikes and climbing around so I think he has improved a lot over the past few months. Because he has a cautious temperament, I read that it’s best when the caretakers can learn to let them be more independent and i think we are indeed guilty of helping him with things he can do by himself.

If there’s one thing I don’t have to worry about though, it’s how imaginative he can be. He tells the most wonderful and outlandish stories and it makes me laugh to listen to them.

So my goals for this school year are these:
Goal 1: We’ll try to build his confidence by becoming more independent so that he won’t be too dependent on us/ adults when he faces adversity. So we’ll have to work on getting him to dress and undress himself, use the potty, help clean up dishes after dinner, pouring himself a drink and maybe I should get a small pair of tongs so he can serve himself for meals.

Goal 2: Teaching him chinese by speaking to him more often and asking him to repeat phrases to make requests in chinese.

Goal 3: Teaching him math skills by counting things together during play. We also learn the concept of addition by playing the game of adding fingers.

Goal 4: Work on teaching him how to read. We sound out words when reading books, sometimes I ask him to hunt for a word on a box.

Goal 5: Work on fine motor skills so he can cut with scissors and eventually write well.

Well that’s a heck of a lot of stuff we would like to work on so I think I should have a progress report every week to see what I’ve done to work towards these goals. At least this way I can see whether I’ve been neglecting some areas.

For example, 2) this week, we worked a lot on chinese because it has been sadly neglected. We read 6 chinese books this week, I’ve been spending a few minutes every day speaking in chinese to him and he has been repeating the words I say as I requested.

1) Today, I persuaded him to put on his own shirt/ underwear amidst complaints that he can’t do it. When he complained that he couldn’t put on some Lego blocks that keeps breaking, i managed to get him to do it by himself while i hold some of the pieces.

3) We counted the squares on the trio blocks to make sure they are the same size, we added numbers on our fingers. I tried explaining the concept of multiplication.

4) Read the word “snap” on his Tinkertoy box. Then did a word hunt for the word “rods” on the same box.

5) Need to work on some cutting or something…


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