Calvin’s stories #1

Calvin has been telling us lots of wonderful stories. Most of the time I forget to write them down.

With 4 lego things that he made, he said, “This one is a car, this one a rig, this one a robot and this one a cap. They don’t have a leader.”
Me: How do they know what to do then?
C: Cap will tell robot, robot tell rig and rig tell car.
Me: What if they are like a broken telephone and tell the wrong message? Maybe cap said “Emergency” and car heard “I need a key”.
C: They won’t do that. They are not playing broken telephone game!

Yesterday after Little Gym he was throwing a tantrum because I told him to put on his shoes and he started to say he was planning a surprise and wanted to tell me the rules. I got fed up and just grabbed him when he started shouting inside. He was still shouting and trying to get back to Little Gym so he can put on his shoes there and when he finally realized it wasn’t going to happen. He calmed down and said “My body was being bad and fighting. My body was upset and started shouting. Then my brain told it to stop. My brain said let’s do it tomorrow because it remembers that I can do it tomorrow (everything that is “soon” is tomorrow to him. Everything that’s not soon, he calls it next year…) and my foot cannon was shooting missiles.”


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