Goals for the Mama – Week 10/4

Goal 1: Confidence Building

– Went to potty by himself, eating cereal with milk from bowl, help to bring cup and food to table
– Wiping his own nose and practicing how to cover mouth when he is coughing
– Walk on balance beam without holding hands

Goal 2: Chinese

– Read 5 chinese books

– He imitated our words to request for an apple, snack etc

Goal 3: Math
– counting fingers to add 2 + 2 and 1+3
– counting the crackers that he has, how many in his tummy and how many left
– counting things in the book. He misses some and counts double when it’s too many.

Goal 4: Reading

– Sounding out words in Charlie Hamster book

– Reading short words like ‘it’ ‘a’ ‘for’ ‘the’
– Read the -at, – an, -am words

Goal 5: Fine motor skills

– Cut string into pieces with the correct grip (left hand) and made string craft
– Cut construction paper strips to make fall leave collage
– drawing lots and lots of roads. I should correct his pencil grip


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