Play dates

I still in two minds over trying to arrange play dates for Calvin. Isn’t the whole point of going to school to make friends while he is there? I certainly am not harboring hopes that preschool actually teaches him anything academically. Certainly for me, even in kindergarten, I only remember that we play in school all day interspersed with some time to practice writing and probably math of some sort since we actually had a test at the end of the year, the morning of which I decided to lie upside down on the hammock after breakfast and puked up. I did end up mainly playing with a group of boys though, showing off my one yellow voltron that transforms into a leg…

Well, I guess I also play with my siblings before I went to school and some of the neighborhood kids, so I’ve had adequate social situations to learn from. And then I thought if he has trouble playing with other kids, it would be good to teach him social skills during a playdate when we can supervise him and then once he start to have good friends, they can play together in school. Or at least that is the ideal.

Then again, he is so into his robots and transformers recently that I’m not even sure how he will get on the same page as the other children when they play. Moments like these, I wish he liked all those silly commercial franchise that everyone else likes.

And then there is his total lack of interest in play dates. If he had a choice, he would probably rather stay at home and play with us. It just makes me not very motivated at all to set up play dates. That and the fact that I’m not sure who he would play well with in school.

And then it also occurred to me that he does not like dressing up at all, even though he loves pretend play. He has rejected me numerous times when I asked if he wanted a costume so he can dress up for Halloween. Well I put that as him being ultra sensitive to uncomfortable clothing, just like I was when I was young – like how he hates the straps under his chin, or goggles on his eyes.


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