Calvin’s Stories #3

Calvin: There’s a war at the harbor. Here are our boats. Papa’s is a submarine. Mama’s is a enormous kayak 1200. And I have a bomb.

Calvin: Papa, to the harbor urgently!

Calvin: The Germany is squatting down and I put the bomb on his head. Kaboom! Then the other two small Germany boats are running away

Papa: I shoot torpedoes at them. Pew pew.

Calvin: But you only shot air.

Papa: oh, maybe they are retreating because of your bomb.

Calvin: no, they didn’t retreat. They are running away from you. I need more weapons. I got a spear (foam anchor) and a mask (little plastic hoppy frog). I use the mask to protect my face. It’s kinda tight.Pew pew_Calvin

(Proceeds to dive into his lego box)

Calvin: We need more clothes. All the animals need more clothes. They are lining up for it!

Mama, please do more working. (Said to me as I was fiddling with the ipad)


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