Goals for the Mama – 10/11

Goal 1: Confidence Building

– He managed to stand on one leg without holding on to anything
– checking out library books by himself
– cleaning up the mess when he pees on the floor by accident
– washing hands by himself. Including pumping the soap dispenser

Goal 2: Chinese

– He said 机器人, 草莓,再见, 帽子with no prompting
– Watched 2 巧虎 episodes
– read 我爸爸, 连衣裙, 汤姆去农场

Goal 3: Math

– Adding with fingers. Calvin is fascinated that 1+ 3 and 2 + 2 are both equals 4.

– Counting out the strawberry that he wants to eat 😛

Goal 4: Reading

– Making words with the magnet letters and sounding them out eg bob, stop

– He can read simple 3 letter words in familiar books like ‘cat’ ‘

Goal 5: Fine motor skills


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