About Little Einstein

Calvin’s new favorite recently is little Einstein, most notably the music robot one which i thought would be a hit since he likes robots so much. At first Johnny thought “no way would any kids like this.” Especially the parts where they ask the kids to dance and do some actions like clap or raise their hands etc. That was until he saw Calvin starting to put his hands together and do the snake slither motion to “help” the robot zig zag. I think we can safely conclude that after all that extensive research done by the TV producers, they know what children like more so than their parents.

Calvin has even been role playing the music robot and its batteries while singing the tune from Rondeau by Mouret. i have to admit i probably know more classical music from watching these ( and listening to his little music player last time) than I’ve ever learnt about in my life.

After watching that same episode every day for 5 days, it seems like he decided that he liked the series enough to venture out and watch the other episodes. At least it takes him away from the much more violent Transformers.


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