Halloween Dressup

Today, we went to Little Gym’s halloween party where they basically have open gym time for the kids to play around in. The kids are supposed to come in costume. Since we haven’t prepared any costume for Calvin (because he said he didn’t want any),I decided to at least minimally dress him up as a superhero with a shirt I bought a while back that comes with a removable cape. He was giggling with glee when he saw the shirt.

He can swing and climb over the crossed bars very well. He loves to run all over the padded gym and climb up the cushiony stairs but he’s still too cautious to jump down from high places without holding my hands or walk or the balance beams by himself regardless of how low or high they are. We were doing a skeleton puzzle with another older boy but they would snatch the pieces out of our hands so quickly, I didn’t even get to tell them off. Well to begin with they were not listening to me and they are other people’s kids. On hindsight, I should have said directly “I am using that. Please give it back” instead of trying be subtle and say “it’s ok. Calvin can do it”. I guess I need training in positive assertiveness too… >.<

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