First Lapbook – Cars

On a whim, after reading all the different curriculum for homeschooling (including the freaky gnome-believing Waldorf philosophy), I thought maybe we could give this whole lapbook thing a try. So I asked Calvin what he would like to learn about that morning. He said “Cars.” Ok, not entirely surprising but also a pretty broad topic that can go anyway he can think of.

So I went to handy google and typed “car lapbook” and voila! there was one with a template. Her child was much older I think, so he could do a lot of the writing etc. So I went through it, printing out only the parts I wanted – car exterior, car engine parts, where cars are made, different gauges, different types of cars and I threw in a car maze and dot to dot race car for good measure. While I was doing all that, he had his quiet time and didn’t sleep. He said he was so excited about this project and there I was thinking “uh-oh, what if he thinks it’s so boring and ho-hum”.

Well we braved on and when his quiet time was over, we started on the project. First we decorated the cover. I asked him to pick a car from our car magazine and cut out a car to decorate the folder. He has been holding his scissors in the correct grip though he still struggles to open and close it. He made good snips all around but didn’t seem to know how to cut around it. I’m thinking maybe I should get him lefty scissors which is supposed to really help because of the way the handles curve. He ended up ripping up the car in parts even though I tried to show him how to cut a rectangle around the picture. Oh well, guess we could always make a collage. He dotted the glue in a neat vertical row and stuck all the bits of paper on.

Now that it’s done, we started to do the minibooks. I helped him write out all the labels on the car parts. I could have printed it out but I thought I might as well show him examples of me writing.


The final product!

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