Goals for the Mama – 10/18

Goal 1: Confidence Building
– Put on socks by himself. It got stuck on his toes a few times but he tried and tried again.
– Practiced a little jumping and balancing on one leg
– He laid out the mat for play dough with verbal instructions from me. On hindsight, maybe I should have demonstrated for him.
– Had him clean up his potty accidents (there has been many these two weeks)

Goal 2: Chinese
– Read 我是霸王龙, 你真好,要是你给老鼠吃饼干, 我爱你, 窗外送来的礼物, 机器人心里的蓝鸟 x2,
– Understands words in context of the book we were reading e.g. 不见了, 鱼,
– Understood when I told him 去找书看, 脚放前面
– Watched 2 巧虎episodes
– Showed him Chinese words 3 times based on the book 四五快读: 人,口,大,小, 哭, 笑, 爸, 妈, 太, 天,一, 中

Goal 3: Math
– Counting clothespins
– Doing addition with fingers ( I’m wondering if i should definitely not going to buy those Montessori golden beads. They cost a whopping $200++. No wonder those Montessori schools cost so much to enroll in. I tried to get him to count with the abacus without success. Maybe we’ll try other things as counters)

Goal 4: Reading
– Making words with magnet letters and sounding them out e.g. pie, pam, tam, rust, sweet,
– He’s still not very certain of the vowel sounds. I’m actually not very good with vowel phonics either. i never learned about phonics till upper secondary i think. but it’s really confusing because some words can have the same vowels but sound different. For example, bear and dear. It never occurred to me how confusing it can all be…
– Looked at words that start with B as part of the butterfly lapbook, matching them with pictures & words under it

Goal 5: Fine motor skills
– Opening and closing clothespins using two hands.
– Practicing tripod grip while drawing birthday cards/ invitations
– Drawing robots and attempted to write letters. Drew a good circle and a 3 sided rectangular-ish robot
– Snipping and tearing the car picture to decorate his lapbook
– Letting him snip masking tape and pasting it all over his playground ‘to make it looks more like Autobot city’. His grip on scissors is much better. I’m thinking of getting him leftie scissors.


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