Little Adventures

After a cold week last week, it has been warm again the last two days so I took advantage of the weather to get little Calvin out of the house. Yesterday, we had a long walk out before nap time to go play at the courtyard and picked up lots of fall leaves. For once, Calvin has started to observe the surrounding plants and actually noticed some interesting looking cat tail weed and some little purple flower. When we went for walks, he’s usually too busy running around to notice. As for me, I’ve For a person who never knew the name of any tree by sight, I’ve finally been able to at least identify the gingko, magnolia, oak, tulip and maple trees. We took the leaves back and spread them out on a mat while I tried my best to identify them.

Today, I thought we should try out the tricycle again, after using my foot as pedals for him to practice the night before. He was surprisingly amenable to the idea and wanted me to push him around in it. Good thing we bought the kind with a parent push bar! We went out and collected more leaves in the back of the wagon from our backyard and he actually managed to pedal for a short distance. Not very well and not very fast either but at least it’s moving forward! We went around to McCormick bridge again, weaving noisily in a carpet of dried leaves, going uphills, up stairs and down the ‘secret stairs’ to head home because I needed to start cooking my special order for the day – pizza, making this the 3rd day in a row eating pizza. The first two days was a pizza from the grocery store. Then yesterday night , Calvin commented, ‘I like mama’s pizza better than this pizza. Mama, can you cook your pizza please?” so it triggered a great frenzy of dough making, meat browning and pizza making. It’s a lot of work but when the little guy says it like that, it’s hard to resist.

And later after dinner, we were reading Babarpapa in Chinese. It’s supposed to be a French classic or something that was shown in China in the 70s? Well at any rate, it had colorful aliens that can transform and it totally captured Calvin’s interest. I was asked to read it two times in a row. The words are simple too so it fulfills my criteria of Chinese books that has an interesting story but not too many words. barbapapa_d_01I decided to buy the full set from dangdang too! It’ll probably take two months for the books to get here but it’s much cheaper than buying from the US websites that sells Chinese books. Calvin was outraged by the part where planet earth was so polluted that the animals had to go away. “The people shouldn’t do that, They should clean up”

The day ended with a sweet note when Calvin told me, “mama, come and check on me every week when I sleep?” “Yes, Calvin. I’ll check on you every 10minutes, every day.”


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