Lapbook #2 – Butterfly

We started our next lapbook on butterflies last week after we finished the one on cars. We finally finished it up today after getting the butterfly book from the library. I needed it to show him the different types of butterflies. There were plenty of pictures online but I didn’t really want to use the ipad with him too much and our printer can’t make colored pictures so printing them is out (plus it’s expensive for something he may not even look at again).


Cover with a little pocket for the butterfly art. It has since been garnished with Calvin’s scribbles.

I taught him about butterfly anatomy, life cycle and also did some counting and the letter B last week. We looked through our work again today for a refresher and I was surprised that he could recount the details to his dad e.g. how compound eyes are kinda like many, many eyes stuck together, how the wings are called hind wings and fore wings etc. Then we talked about caterpillars and butterfly predators and defenses. He made a nice butterfly art at school previously, so I wanted to include it too. It was a little too big, so I stuck it at the back. When Calvin saw it, he was upset “I don’t like it. Take it out. Now he can’t flap his wings anymore.”


Art from school


Inside with all the flaps and pocket for the life cycle cards

Luckily, I managed to placate him by telling him we can make more later. Calvin wanted a butterfly ‘factory’ where we make lots and lots of butterfly art. Then I had an idea, it’s a good opportunity for him to learn about the butterflies with distinctive butterfly shapes. I looked through the book and picked 4 – swallowtail, monarch, comma and black swallowtail. While he was at Little Gym, I was doing lots of cutting and glueing >_< It sure feels like I’m back in primary school again.

Then we went outside after his quiet time and had a great painting session. Calvin as usual mixed up all the colors but he actually kept the three primary colored jars relatively untainted, which is a first! It was a totally unplanned painting session but i’m glad we got to have fun outside. Today, I was more craft-y than I had been in the last 10 years. I drew, cut, glued, painted, folded and I quite enjoyed myself. I wonder what we will work on next…001 (3)

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