Goals for the Mama – 10/25

Goal 1: Confidence Building
– We take turns doing stunts like balance on one leg, bounce etc. It’s called the ‘Can you do this?” game.
– Climbed up and down a ladder by himself. Twice. The ladder is probably around 8 feet and nicely slanted and with good grip at the Virginia Children’s Museum.
– Finally managed to pedal on his trike a little bit. More biking practice needed!

– Collecting lots of leaves and rocks whenever we are out. The weather was great so we had a lot of outside time this week!

Goal 2: Chinese
– More flash cards about once/ twice a day. He’s starting to recognize most of the we worked on: 人, 口,太,大,笑,哭,小,天,一,上,下,月,二,妈,爸,中, 火 etc I’m not so concerned about him reading in chinese but it makes me more focused on teaching him the meaning of the more common words so it helps.
– Read 小鸡逛超市, 小金鱼逃走了, 小蛇散步, 小象的大便, 巴巴爸爸回地球 x3,喜羊羊 reader
– Read some chinese phrases in the 四五快读 book. He could read and understand 大人,小人,大口,小口,大哭,大笑

Goal 3: Math
– Random counting of things like food, fingers, leaves. He sometimes skips over things while counting. I’m trying to hold myself back from correcting him and telling him he did it wrong…yay me!

Goal 4: Reading
– Borrowed some wordless picture books for him to look through during quiet time. And also a Where’s Waldo book. He is sounding out words by himself. He read the back cover of the boom himself ‘Praise for Nick Bruueee”

Goal 5: Fine motor skills
– Tearing construction paper. He still does not use the pincer grasp to do it though.
– Lots and lots of doodling. He’s starting to make purposeful zig zags and circles and figures that are thing-ish. He has this thing about doodling on all the paper that Is set out on the table and not to use the back of the paper.
– Peeling off half a box of foam stickers to decorate his truck, tunnel box, cars. I’m surprised with the accuracy of his stickering
– Started snipping and tearing paper by himself. He can easily put the scissors the right way now.


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