Tough Days

It’s daylight savings yesterday, so technically we got an extra hour. Except in the case of Calvin and his sensitive body clock, it meant that I got an extra hour of energetic Calvin at 6am in the morning. It’s been tiring for me when he doesn’t nap in the afternoon, so I’ve been sleeping earlier and waking up earlier. I kinda miss the time when he takes a nap but it’s inevitable that he will outgrow naps.

It’s especially tiring when he wakes up early, then proceed to have tantrums when we had an argument. There was a small chunk of bread from his breakfast and he chewed off the PB and jelly from the top of it, leaving the remaining because he was full. Sometimes I wonder if I should just let him do things like that without passing comment, but I’m not sure if I really want to encourage him to do this. To me, it’s the equivalent of eating the chicken skin off all the chicken and not eating any of the meat. Or when he eats the skin of the spring roll without eating much of the filling and THEN continues to ask me for more spring roll (skins). Or when he ate mainly the toppings and crust of the homemade pizza. He did much better with the spring rolls after we talked about it. Chicken skin I’d sometimes only give him near the end of the meal and usually he is ok with eating his bread. I just let him be with the pizza. I guess giving him smaller portions and insisting he finishes everything before getting the next helping is a pretty good tactic.

Well, the other thing was when I told him that what he did was wrong, he started to kick me so that’s another different kettle of fish altogether. I had to hold him and sit him down for our talks again. And then he got another stern talk by me again when he started fiddling with his Lego while I was talking. I hate to keep lecturing at him but also feel it’s not right to let him do it without letting him know why it is wrong.

Part of it may be because he is feeling sick, though he didn’t look too sickly this morning. Now, at night, he developed a nasty sounding cough though and is whiny and demanding me to stay by his side. *sigh* looks like it’s one of those tough days. I guess eventually, I will look at these tough days fondly too even if it’s tiring and frustrating now.


2 Responses to “Tough Days”

  1. e* Says:

    hmm… kicking sounds bad.
    did he learn that from school?

  2. miucat Says:

    Don’t think so? I think he kicked us before and knows it’s bad so he when he’s grumpy, he’ll deliberately do bad things, even though he actually does it very gently so no one will get hurt >.<

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