Goals for the mama – 11/1

Goal 1: Confidence Building
– He was rejected by a bunch of boys when he wanted to help build their police house this morning. We managed to sit down and discuss what other strategies he might have to make himself happier. Hopefully he will be able learn how to function socially as a small Chinese boy in a caucasian environment.
– He jumped with two legs off the ground today after his nap! Did it again outside too. Whoopee!
– Trying out his balance bike


He likes all the cute sheep in 喜羊羊

Goal 2: Chinese

– Read 喜羊羊 reader x6, 你看起来好像很好吃,小鸡逛超市, 鸡蛋哥哥小组 x2,放屁,巴巴爸爸建新家 x2,巴巴爸爸回地球, 小篮和小黄, 14 只老鼠洗衣服,我爱你,你看起来很好吃,机器人心里的蓝鸟
– Looked at lesson 3 of 四五快读. Introduced more phrases like 火星, 月亮,大地,太阳, 地上,地下
– He’s starting to understand simple phrases like 为什么,在那里,吃什么, 去洗手,过来,刷牙。

Goal 3: Math
– still lots of random counting of food on his plate, things in the book etc
– Did subtraction on his own. He said “4 take away 1 is 3.” while counting his fingers.

Goal 4: Reading
– magnet letter play and sounding out words as we read.
– Read words on books and signs like ‘book’ or “Allied”

Goal 5: Fine motor skills
– Cutting out the map for our study of Louis Beiriot
– Lots of cutting and drawing and pasting and making rubbings. He’s been very excited about doing the projects in school.


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