Shenandoah National Park – Dark Hollow Falls

We took advantage of the wonderful weather today to visit another trail at the Shenandoah National Park. It’s a little more than an hour to get to Big Meadows and the visitor center there. This time, we decided to visit a waterfall since Calvin has never seen one before. After some research, we decided to try the popular Dark Hollow Falls. It’s the shortest hike around to get to a waterfall, is about 1.5 mile roundtrip with a 440 ft descent. It was a Sunday morning after all so it wasn’t as crowded as the last time we were there.DSCF5266  DSCF5295 DSCF5289

The leaves have mostly fallen inside the park so the trees are mostly bare. From afar, some of the vestiges of the fall foliage could still be seen.

Calvin was all excited about hiking at the park, especially the meal at the restaurant near Big Meadows which he has come to associate with a trip to the park. He was walking on all the rocks and wanted to step into the stream, which we forbid because the water is cold and we didn’t even have a change of clothes if he gets wet. We had to dissuade him from going off the trail too, knowing that we had a long climb back up after we reach the waterfalls.

It rained a few days ago so there was plenty of water. So the falls actually look pretty impressive. We took a long time getting back up though, coz Calvin was all pooped out. We took many breaks but he managed to get back to the car park all by himself!


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