Random Interesting Tidbits of the Day

Calvin comes home from school and declares: “My best friend is Edith.”

When his papa gave him extra roasted chicken skin during dinner: “Hmm, hmmm. Oh, thank you, thank you, papa. ”

During quiet time, he called to me, “Mama, does moisturizer take long to dry?”  and then he asked again about 10 minutes later. I figured he must have been up to some shenanigans with the moisturizer, so I walked in. I found him with his hands all smeared with moisturizer. We started to wipe some of it on his legs. There were still more of it. So we wiped some on my arms. And that’s when I finally noticed that his face was all covered in globs of moisturizer too! I guess that’s from watching me slather some on myself every morning.

When Mama and papa were pretending to be an eight-legged octopus, Calvin joins in the middle and adds his two hands in and says “Ten TENtacles!”


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