A Normal Happy Day

Calvin woke up in the middle of the night, went to potty, wriggled about for the longest time and made us (as in me and Johnny) switch places so he could see his best friend, papa. Even gave his dad a sweet smile and said “I love you” to him and asked to hold his hand to sleep. I was just groggily trying to fall back asleep. Oh yeah, and he asked “Why do germs make holes in the teeth?”. Must have been a bad dream of some sort from reading the chinese book which talked about 牙虫 (teeth worm?)

We woke up earlier than I thought he should, at 7:30am, considering he fell asleep past 11pm the night before. After dallying for almost half an hour, he was finally done with the potty and brushng his teeth. The sleeve of his shirt was wet and he decided it should be changed. I said he could do it by himself, only to be greeted by a very disgruntled “Why? Why do I have to do it by myself?” “Errm, because it’s your shirt? I put on my own shirt myself too.” So he began to try and started shouting “I can’t do it!”. I was trying my best not to show him how impatient I was – probably not very succesfully, but at least I curbed my tongue from spouting something discouraging or using a vitriolic tone. He did finally take it off after some effort and then there was the challenge of putting on the new shirts. I decided to help him along with a demo and after a lot of protest, it was done. I wished it coud be a more pleasant experience but since I don’t know how to do that, I settled on praising him for doing it all by himself and putting in down in his “Good Deeds” book.

Today, he had his favorite Indian walk again except this time, it was probably not as thrilling as the first. I’m surprised that he remembers what he did last year. Johnny went with him as usual while I had a productive morning scrubbing and cleaning.

Calvin didn’t have a nap today but he kept hmself quietly occupied by looking through a bunch of books and then drawing on his magnadoodle. He started drawing robot figures. He asked me to help draw a rectangle and then proceeded to add in legs, arms and a head. Then he started a whole narrative about how it was raining and the wind blew the rain sideways and the robot is very strong so he won’t get blown away.

After the nap, we started on our rock lapbook by looking at birthstones and coloring a chart I printed out. When I told Calvin that diamond was colorless or white, he tried to color the picture. Since white on white can’t be seen, he decided he’d have a brown diamond instead. A blue pearl and blue opal quickly followed.

Then we tried to make our own rock candy, which I hope will materialize 7 days from now because Calvin is so excited. I have my doubts though….I might not have supersaturated the solution even though I added close to 1/2 the pack of sugar – like 1 lb of it?Maybe I need to secretly redo the solution again later.

All in all, we had a good day. Working in our projects certainly makes the days more inteesting. Now I’ll have to wait until I pick up the library books about rocks to continue with it.


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