Goals for the mama – 11/8

Goal 1: Confidence Building
– Hiking a steep 1.5 mile trail by himself
– Practicing to jump with two legs

Goal 2: Chinese
– Chinese word cards about once a day. He can recognize about 40 words now.
– Watched 2x 巧虎 episode
– Read 我爱你x2,你看起来很像很好吃,兔子先生去散步, 巴巴爸爸建新家x3,巴巴爸爸回到地球,小鸡逛超市, 晚安猫头鹰, 小熊宝宝x10, 11 只猫建房子,喜羊羊x2, 机器人心里的蓝鸟,11 只猫马拉松长跑, 永远永远爱你,快跑云梯消防车

Goal 3: Math
– Counting toys, taking away one and counting again.
– Counting imaginary decepticons and adding them up 3 +5 etc. Though he always has to start counting from 1

Goal 4: Reading
– Read ‘bug room’ sign,

Goal 5: Fine motor skills
– Lots of gluing and sticking
– Washing rocks (part of our rock and gems lapbook)
– Cut following a straight line about 2 inches long, using one hand to hold the paper. He complains that his elbow hurts when he uses his left hand.
– He seems to enjoy coloring now. We colored the 12 birthstones as part of our ‘Rock and Gem’ lapbook
– He has started to draw robots with body, arms, legs and head. Yay, milestone achieved.



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