Around the World According to Calvin

We were talking about all our upcoming trips to Washington and San Francisco this morning and Calvin interjected that after those trips, he’s going to go visit other places outside of America. First, he’ll go France, then Germany and England. When I commented that they were all in Europe, he asked me what other countries are there in Europe and so he promptly added Italy and Switzerland to his list too.¬† After that, we also added other continents like Africa and Asia.

Then I said ‘The people in France speak French. How will we understand them when we are there?”

Calvin: “We don’t have to talk to them. We are just there to visit.”

Me: “What if we go to a restaurant and we need to get something to eat, we won’t know what is on the menu. Then when we see ‘pain’ on the menu, we’ll get confused. Like eh, one serving of pain? Are they going to deliver that with a pinch?” I went on to explain that the word ‘pain’ in French actually means bread.

Calvin: “We won’t go to the restaurant. We’ll go home and eat lunch!”

Later that night, we were talking about our plans for Christmas.

Calvin: “Ok, on our way to San Francisco, we’ll stop at France and Germany first.”

He learned about France when we read the book about Louis Bleriot. We learned about the English channel and French flag as part of our lapbook.

His fascination with Germany came from reading a book on World War which he picked out because of the tank pictures. Apparently, he surprised his teacher in school when he told them that Hitler is a bad person and he started talking about Mussolini and the Japanese.

Looks like we have a little globetrotter on our hands. To think that I’ve never even left Malaysia until I was 12 when I went to Singapore for the scholarship interview. And the next country after that was China when I was 18.


One Response to “Around the World According to Calvin”

  1. e* Says:

    Haha, that’s so cute.. visiting SF via France and Germany!
    That’s so cool he seems to like travelling!
    You should totally bring him over to London while I’m still here!


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