Calvin’s 4th Birthday

Calvin’s 4th birthday was this week. We are not big on birthdays ourselves, though I did remember thinking I would love to have a McDonald’s party when I was in primary school, probably because of those little plastic toys that McD’s is so good at using to entice little children. So far, our birthday tradition for Calvin involves a cake and a present. And some balloons just because that’s what birthdays are supposed to come with. When I see the effort that many parents go to throw a big themed party – replete with major decorations, gazillion candy and sweet treats, detailed party favors, party games, even birthday t-shirts for everyone….   Just looking at it gives me a  headache. It’s just way more effort than I’d ever make for any party. I did say we are not party people….

Well, this year his dad came up with an idea of a scavenger hunt, he made lego arrows and a bunch of clues to lead him to various places in our house. Calvin was giggling happily and shifting his feet pretending he didn’t know where the clues lead to while he checks to see if we knows the clues. When one of the clues lead to the wardrobe, he quickly closed the door so we won’t see the clue inside. And finally, it led to a little box of Lego that is his birthday present. The scavenger hunt was a big hit and at night, he started reenacting it by drawing up his own ‘clues’ and hiding them around the house.


Initially, we planned to give him a remote control car for his birthday but we couldn’t wait and gave it to him during summer when the weather was great. I thought it might be interesting to buy him his birthstone, citrine since we were studying rocks and it’s not like it was an expensive birthstone like diamond/ emerald/ ruby. He has been saying that he can’t wait to get his birthstone, but his dad thinks he’d probably toss it pretty soon so we decided against it. We wanted to go let him pick out some little toy cars at the toy store but figured the last thing he needs is another bunch of little vehicles.

On his birthday, I was also at school with him and brought some homemade cookies and his favorites – cucumber and raisins. While most of the kids ate *only* the cookie and a couple of raisins, Calvin finished off the raisins and cucumber, asked for more and more raisins and nibbled at the corner of his cookie before chucking the rest of it into the compost. I have a feeling he’s not a big fan of chocolate.

Then after quiet time, we enjoyed the apple raisin cake that he said he wanted. And for dinner, we had chicken wings with fries and the cucumber leftover from school. So that ends his fourth birthday. Next, I’ll have to prepare for his papa’s birthday!


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